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No matter what kind of your businesses: retails, startup, seasoned businesses, there must be a progress for development. Starting a business can be a daunting task to do. And if you are a business owner, there are a lot of distractions which can hinder your business to grow.

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Let's take one example. If you run a retail business, then the organization will start with your business' warehouse. The warehouse is a pivotal part of your business because it will ease your logistic system and inventory control. Regarding this, you will need barcode and labeling to help you with the warehouse operation. You will be able to achieve optimal control of your warehouse operations efficiently and effectively. Here are the reasons why you need to consider barcode systems in your business.

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Reasons to Have Barcode Systems

Inventory Control and Organization

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to divide your warehouse into several sections to appoint the differences of items or products. Thus, you will provide a rack label to each product in those sections. These sections will be the "locations" of specific products. So, when it comes to barcode systems, the labels will be stuck to products on racks. These barcodes indicate the locations of the product. So when a cashier or employee scans the barcode label of a product, he or she will know where the product or item is located. Then he or she could tell the warehouse staff to prepare the items or products. They will quickly locate the item as soon after the code is scanned. You can imagine when the barcode system is not available. It will take more time and effort to find the items in the warehouse. The barcode system can help reduce the overall amount of time and effort to control and organize the inventory.

Inventory Tracking

As many other businesses, there will be new products to come to your warehouse. All new products need to be documented and stored really well. They need to be tracked and organized to avoid any hassles and fusses. When you have prepared the barcode labels for the new items, you can place them on the wire soon after receiving them.

The staff then will scan the barcodes labels. The system will show when it arrived and be stored in your warehouse. The same process of barcoding can be conducted to document the newest updates when dealing with shipment process. As mentioned before, barcode system will track everything about the items. That includes the right product quantities are taken from the warehouse.

Accurate, Efficient, and Effective

Indeed, using barcodes in your warehouse is accurate, effective and efficient. It saves a lot amount of effort and time to organize and control the inventory in your warehouse. If you are a small retailer with 10 items types, you probably don't see barcode system as pivotal means to grow your business. But keep in mind that your business will grow. You will add more items. And soon you will realize that you need a good means to simplify the inventory organizations.

Barcode system can be customized based on your preferences. This will avoid the mistakes which are usually made by human such as sending the wrong item to a customer, or sending the wrong quantities of the products, and so on. Handling products need to be managed carefully and meticulously. If you, by chance, sell items with an expiration date, you can adjust the system to send the oldest items first before they hit the expiration date.

Increase the Profitability of Your Business

Since the barcode system helps you to appoint the location of the item, track the inventory and locate the items quickly, it will increase the speed of profitability of your business. Products rotation will be done in no time without the complicated process. There is no time wasted for exhausting search, shipment double checks, packaging process, etc. Overall, it will improve your warehouse process from the front to back.

The Important Steps to Get A Barcode for Your Products or Items

Barcode for your products is not coming automatically. You will need to get a barcode for your product. Here are the easy steps to get it.

Get A Barcode Number to Identify Your Product

It is important to know that there are no two products which have the same barcode number. So consider asking GS1 to issue the numbers to all your products. Of course, there is a price to pay. But it is worth the money you spend. Applying to GS1 should take some time. In the meantime, you can consider allocating your time to manage your warehouse.

Create the Barcode Label

After receiving the barcode number, you will need to create the barcode image and label. You will need to convert the text barcode to the image, the form of black and white bars ones. In some cases, GS1 may provide the images for you. But if you don't receive the images, you can create it by yourself by converting the code to image with the help of

With, you can create the barcode label as many as you want. Not to mention that you can get both the CODE_128 format and QR_CODE format. The will do a great job in designing the barcode images. All you need to do is just copy and paste your barcode to the box and hit the "Convert" button. The graphics results will be out in just seconds.

Print Your Barcode Out

Barcode image, checked. The next thing to do is to stick it to the packaging of your item. You can either do it yourself or hire someone who is expert in DTP software to print your barcode out. Either way, the physical version of your barcode is then ready to be incorporated into your products.

Test It

Last but not least, you must test the barcode before releasing your products to the market. Have you ever seen a cashier who failed to scan a product barcode? It wouldn't show any information on the display screen. You surely don't want it to happen to your business. You need to check it with your barcode scanners. It is a great idea to test it with using few number of scanners.

After taking all those steps, you are golden. Congratulations! Now your product has its own barcode number. From where you are standing, you are ready to release it to the market.

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